You often talk about Riesling. My experience with this varietal has been a mixed bag. Do you have one (or more) under $25 that you can recommend? Thanks!

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Apr 11, 2021Liked by David Coggins


I'll admit I was skeptical. As a newly-minted 'golfer,' I perhaps had ever so slightly more interest in professional golf this year than in the 30-odd years of my life prior. But you and Michael rarely point in completely wrong directions (though we'll forever disagree about black shoes). So with this skepticism firmly ensconced, I fired up The Masters coverage on Thursday to see if I could tolerate it long enough to maybe learn something from the way the pros play.

It's now Saturday and I've watched at least 30 hours of coverage.

I'm not much for television or movies, so that 30 hours likely exceeds my tv-watching for the...six months? prior. It's the best thing going. I'm a fan. I couldn't even tell you what exactly it is, but I am CAPTIVATED.

Thank you, and goddamnit,


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My pleasure! It's a combination of ambient television and drama. Get ready for Sunday!

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Is it a lost cause to be rooting for Keith Mitchell to win the Masters in 2021?

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